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10/29/07 @ 1:23am
Friends Only


This is a private journal, and inside are things that most people don't need to know about. Before you comment, asking to be my friend, ask yourself if you really want to know these things.

I complain, and I complain some more. I bitch about my friends, I talk shit about people online, and most of all, I don't read my friends page that often.

I'm a horrible el-jay friend, but if you really want to read about my life, leave me a comment.

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10/16/06 @ 9:23pm

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9/9/06 @ 8:42pm
cURL PHP Class
This class can be used (and is used) to download pages from the internet using the cURL php library. An example is listed below the class.



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3/18/06 @ 11:31pm
In the comments, tell me anything. a secret, a lie, a confession, a memory, a joke, something you hate, something you like, anything. just do it anonymously.

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